Short Good reputation for Technology

This age roughly lasted from 3300 BC to 1200 BC. It had been time when civilization began to coalesce round the Fertile Crescent and spread to Asia, Europe and Africa. The Bronze Age took its name due to when metals for example copper and tin that have been employed for making tools and weapons. A few of the advanced technologies of this time incorporated farming innovations, chariot, utilization of salt, construction of permanent settlements and additional domestication of creatures.

The Iron Age

The Iron Age dates from 1200 BC to 500 BC called the oncoming of Roman Empire. Using iron grew to become extremely popular during this period and lots of people migrated towards the farther reaches of continents including Europe. Technological advancements incorporated glass, sundial, architecture, education, ships and advances in trade.

Chronilogical age of Ancient Civilizations

This age was from around 500 BC with the beginning of the Roman Empire to around 500 AD if this fell. Many scholars see it as the Golden Age because there were lots of technology occurring. A few of the technological advancements incorporated city planning, education, sanitation, paper, math, architecture, bridges, magnetic compass, religion, aqueducts, road building, law and government, art, concrete, philosophy and much more.

The Dark Ages

This age was from 500 AD to around 1500 in Europe. It started to develop in most regions of society that ushered within the Renaissance period. Several technological advancements during this time period incorporated the windmill, mechanical clock, architecture, military, spectacles and innovations in agriculture.

Muslim Farming Revolution

The Islamic world located predominantly in the centre East revolutionized throughout the eighth century. It globalized a number of agriculture techniques and crops. Some technology of the time incorporated the fountain pen, coffee, quarta movement glass, hard soap, shampoo, and celestial globe, innovations in math, nitric acidity and incendiary devices.

The Renaissance Period

The start of Renaissance period marked in the duration of the fourteenth century towards the 16th century. A few of the major innovations in those times happened in education. Many universities and schools were developed along with other disciples like architecture, medicine and philosophy increased.

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